"A beautiful place for our wedding, a home full of love.
Thank you"
Ann Brunet
Whangaporoa , NZ

Hannah age 11
Christchurch , NZ

"One of the nicest B & B's we ever had, Delicious muffins & home made bread!"
Deik Heckeing & Eva Ryebundt

"Wonderful hospitality, food and so restful - loved every minute!
Thank you"
Wanda Brittan
Auckland , NZ

"Lovely, have no hesitation in recomending "
Doug &Cheryl Heley
Sydney , Australia

"This beautiful home & the kind host Nigel, was our favourite part of Dunedin. Absolutely delicious breakfast too!"
Neil, Michelle & Marcus(baby) Taylor
Leicester , England

"We loved our stay here"
Burton & Ralene Wells
Seattle , USA

"Homely, got well entrenched very quickly, thank you."
Lucy Todd

"A great place with great service"
Josie , Tanya & Helen Price
Linlithgow ,Scotland

"Extremely comfortable, delicious breakfast & very helpful suggestions"
Veronica, John & Lucy Brown
Surrey , UK

"A lovely plave to stay, we were very lucky to choose this lovely place!"
Mary Anne & David Gowrie
Melbourne, Australia

"Lovely old house & friendly welcome"
Roy & Rainna Goodclip
Hartfordshire , UK

"Keep us a seat by the fire, back soon!"
Barry & Ruth Stricthers
Timaru , NZ

"Nice, very very nice"
Ryan McRae
Whistler ,Canada

"A really beautiful house with superb ambience and wonderful food. I love all the finishing touches. Thank you"
Andrea Whitaker
Bristol, Gloucestershire

"This has been an oasis for us. I will never forget my time in Dunedin. Kerry and Nigel you have contributed so much to my enjoyment of your beautiful town. I adore my room and am homesick for it already and I'm not out the front door yet!"
Kerryane Wallace
Sydney, Australia

"An outstanding host and hostess and a sterling experience"
Jack Bartlett
Aurdra, Colarado,USA

"I agreed very much with previous guest"
Ann and Hans Overeynder

"Superb old house, filled with interest and happiness"
Hideaki Hashimoto

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